Here you can find all of the current projects Kimberley is working on.

Nightmare on Film Street

Nightmare on Film Street is a horror podcast and website launched in 2016 by two horror nuts with zero credibility (see our outstanding credentials below). We bring you the latest in horror news, reviews, and duke out the classics in our head-to-head movie death match. 

Join us every week while we fumble around a microphone, sharing our unpopular opinions, movie facts and trivia, and play a few haphazardly formed games.  [Visit]


Job hunt – horror/comedy – 112 pages.

Logline: A directionless Millenial struggling to come to terms with adulthood receives a mysterious reply to her Craigslist WANT Ad that may just be the catapult to changing her life’s directory. But, her new boss Peter is kind of a drag. Also, he kills people.

Shore Scripts 2017 semi-finalist.

The divide – In progress
coven of ’99 – In progress

Kimberley is currently seeking representation. Please reach out with read requests.